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Biggest Crackdown on Legal migration ever!

The government has introduced a new plan consisting of five key points aimed at reducing immigration in the UK. This plan includes prohibiting care workers from bringing their families and raising the minimum salary requirement for skilled worker visas.

Home Secretary James Cleverly, under pressure since assuming office three weeks ago, has emphasised a tougher stance on immigration.

The new plan, deemed “more robust” in addressing migration compared to previous strategies, covers health and care visas, skilled worker visas, family visas, the shortage occupation list, and student visas.

The key measures in this plan are:

Health and care visas: Overseas care workers won’t be allowed to bring family dependents to curb misuse of the health and care visa. Care firms sponsoring visa applications must be regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Skilled worker visa minimum salary: The threshold for this visa will increase to £38,700. However, there will be exceptions for health and care workers who can apply even with lower salaries.

Shortage occupation list: Reforms aim to eliminate discounted labour from overseas by changing how individuals in understaffed sectors apply to work in the UK. This includes removing the 20% salary discount for visas in shortage occupations and reviewing and reducing the listed job types.

Family visas: The minimum threshold for family visas will also rise to £38,700 to ensure financial support for dependents. Currently set at £18,600 since 2012.

Student visas: Following recent restrictions on bringing family members on student visas, the government plans to review the graduate route to safeguard against abuse and maintain the quality of UK higher education.

This announcement comes after concerns about the Rwanda deportation scheme’s thwarting in courts and the recorded net migration of 745,000 last year, which has unsettled Conservative party members.

Cleverly, addressing the issue, highlighted the significance of these measures in curbing net migration, aligning with Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick’s push for a stricter approach.

Despite these efforts, questions remain about potential impacts on labour sectors and workforce shortages, particularly in healthcare.

The Home Secretary stressed the necessity of a tough immigration policy for the country’s benefit. He also reiterated plans to increase the immigration health surcharge from £624 to £1,035.

The aim, according to Cleverly, is to maintain control over borders while prioritizing skills essential for the economy and the NHS.

However, opposition figures like Labour’s Yvette Cooper have criticised the government, citing years of failed policies. Despite this, Labour isn’t set to oppose the new measures in Parliament.

Trade bodies, like UK Hospitality, have expressed concerns, stating that these changes might exacerbate shortages in sectors such as hospitality.

Overall, the government’s new plan seeks to address immigration concerns but faces scrutiny over its potential impact on various sectors and workforce shortages.

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